About Detta Textiles

Handmade in England, Detta Textiles was founded by textile designer Berni Raeside-Bell. The Detta brand represents the best in Heritage Craft Knitwear, inspired by our rich island heritage.

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Cottage Industry

Detta Textiles is a cottage industry based in the heart of the midlands.

Perfect Gifts

Our hand knitted heritage products make the perfect gift for someone special.

Made with Love

Detta’s artisan products are made with love, care and attention to detail, from design to finish.

Heritage Craft Knitwear

All our knitwear is handmade on vintage knitting machines at our studio in England

Our Story

With a textile studio based on the Leicestershire/ Nottingham/ Derbyshire border, Detta Textiles produces high-quality knitted scarves, wraps, blankets, cushions and fashion accessories on heritage framework knitting machines.

Our studio is based in Kegworth Village, which has a deep rooted history in framework knitting, with many families in the village up to the 1960’s involved in a thriving cottage industry, knitting stockings and socks in their homes on framework machines for the larger factory. With the development of technology, this industry died out and so Detta Textiles is very proud to be now knitting again on framework machines in the heart of the village. 

Most of Detta’s products are constructed using 100% British-spun lambswool as well as products that are knitted in Cotton, Linen and craft yarns.

Each knitted item is carefully handmade, washed, felted if required and hand finished in the studio. Each item is then packaged carefully and our heritage blankets come boxed so that they can be looked after and handed down as an heirloom, just like the Aran sweaters and fairisle knitwear that inspired their maker.

Buying a Detta product means you will be purchasing a quality hand made product and supporting the continuation of heritage craft knitwear in Kegworth, hopefully for many years to come. The studio is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays and we have a small craft shop with work on sale direct from our studio as well as from local artists and where you can visit and see us in action.


Detta’s colours are mostly inspired by the windswept and craggy coastlines of Ireland, Scotland and the British Isles aswell as the flora and fauna that inhabit that landscape.

Berni’s upbringing in Dublin, a bustling metropolitan capital, can also be seen in the patterns she creates, reflecting the historical as well as modern architecture we see in cities today.

Keeping Heritage Craft Knitwear Alive and Hand-made

We value the love, thought and effort that comes from hand crafted items which is why it is important to us to produce each of our items in-house, where we can ensure the quality and finish is of the highest standards expected.

Managing Director - Berni Raeside-Bell

Berni Raeside-Bell - MD

Dublin-born managing director and textile designer Berni Raeside-Bell.

Berni in the studio with Bertha

Bertha - The Vintage Machine

Hand crafted and working with vintage knitting machines – affectionally known as ‘Bertha‘!

Berni in the studio with Bertha

Working with Bertha

Working in the studio with Bertha!