Knitted Wool Throws

Our Detta Knitted Wool Throws are made entirely from 100% wool by hand in our studio on our vintage semi-industrial Moretto Dubied 4gauge knitting machine. We knit with two types of wool, spun and dyed in Yorkshire, in the heart of England – Merino Lambswool and British Wool.

Framework knitting machines were used extensively in industry for hundreds of years, up until the end of the last century, when they were mostly replaced by fully programmable electronic machines. These manual skills were virtually lost to industry and are generally now taught only in selected universities and some knitting schools.

At Detta, we value the artisan skills involved in making items using these machines and so everything we knit is powered by hand alone. Our blankets are over 600 rows long and when finished, measure 1.2m wide by approximately 2m long, with pattern changes.

They are knitted, washed, steamed and labelled with our recognisable Detta label, so they can be kept and handed down as keepsakes, or given as a beautifully presented gift.

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