Knitted Black and Copper Lambswool Clutch Bag


Luxury Knitted Black and Copper Lambswool Clutch Bag, perfect for that special night or as a beautiful gift.


ThisĀ gorgeous Knitted Black and Copper Lambswool Clutch Bag isĀ made entirely from our knitted and printed fabrics. The outer is knitted in lambswool which is then felted and dried. We then treat the fabric and add the metallic foil finish before making the bags up in our studio.

The linings are made from our unique Detta designed fabrics. The pattern on this bag is called “Atlantic Spray” and is based on the ink and bleach sketches of our founder designer Berni Raeside-Bell.

Each one of these bags are entirely unique and will have slight variations in finish due to the nature of the screen printing and metallic foil blocking process. They take on average four days to make, with each process needing an overnight wait to air dry after washing. They will last you a lifetime and are really a very special piece, a highlight to any outfit.

Do not wash, wipe clean only.